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Living in community

More than a housing solution, it’s a lifestyle for those who value quality of experiences more than square footage. We want to help you have more time to spend on what you’re actually passionate about, thats why we take care of the daily stuff.

We help people connect so that their time in Casa Campus is memorable.


Why coliving?

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Your casa away from home

It’s not easy arriving to a new city, that’s why we what to help you feel at home.

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New horizons

Our residents come from different countries and continents. You can make friends with people from all around the world.

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Know your neighbours

In a building full of interesting . and diverse people, your new best friend or business partner could be right next door.

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Exchange ideas

Being exposed to new traditions, ideas and points of view is a unique learning opportunity.

Take a break from routine

Come to events or start a conversation while doing laundry, it’s a chance to meet new people without leaving your building.


Shared spaces

An extension of your apartment. They are design for you to study, work or rest while meeting people from all over the world.


At casa

All of our casas have coworking and lounging areas and depending on which one you’re staying you might find:

  • Gym

  • Games room

  • Pool

  • Grilling area

  • Patios and gardens

  • Terrace


Your apartment, ready to move in

choose between Studio, one or two bedroom apartments*.

➞ Wifi, cable and Chromecast*.

➞ Fully equipped kitchen with tableware and utensils.

➞ Linens.

➞ Cleaning service.

➞ App for contacting Casa team.

*May differ depending on the building.


Events and activities

Urban photography

📍Casa Congreso Mitre

After Office

📍Casa Congreso Mitre


📍Casa Pilar Araucarias

Cooking class

📍Casa San Telmo Balcarce