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Your apartment

Your very own place, fully equipped and furnished. Focus on living while we take care of everything else. Use your time for what really matters to you.

Live with us!


Perfect for you



  • Apartments are furnished and equipped.

  • Monthly rent includes: utilities, Wi-Fi, cleaning service and access to coliving areas.

  • Flexible rental agreements with no collateral needed.



  • 24-hour surveillance and built-in technology.

  • Staff available for you (Building Manager, maintenance, security and cleaning).

  • Close to universities, companies and public transportation.



  • Share the common areas with your neighbors.

  • Attend the fun activities we organize.

  • Get involved in our charity activities.

  • Stay tuned with our private app.


Types of apartments

Suite Room

From USD 500 monthly, all included*

Private room with en-suite bathroom

Sizes: 15 to 20 m2.

Maximum capacity: 1 person


From USD 600 monthly, all included*

Studio with kitchenette and bathroom

Sizes: 25 to 30 m2.

Maximum capacity: 2 people

1 Bedroom

From USD 1000 monthly, all included*

Bedroom, bathroom, full kitchen and living room

Sizes: 45 to 55 m2.

Maximum capacity: 3 people

2 Bedroom

From USD 1300 monthly, all included*

2 bedrooms, bathroom, full kitchen and living room

Sizes: 65 to 80 m2.

Maximum capacity: 5 people

*Base rates vary for each building and include: rental of furnished apartment, building expenses, utilities, Wi-Fi, cleaning service and membership rewards.

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