We are Casa Campus

We design, develop and operate buildings that will take tenants and owners into real estate for the 21st century.

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Creating a lifestyle


In Casa Campus, we believe that coliving is the solution for a simple and functional lifestyle. Renting an apartment should not be complicated, that's why we offer flexible leases and an all inclusive services. We have updated the real estate business by developing buildings with private apartments and shared areas, where you can have your personal space but also share experiences with those around you. Living in community is a way to take advantage of the space, interact with others and learn from other cultures.

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Our mission

Create the best living solution

Encourage interactions and connections

Generate learning opportunities


Extended community

Solidarity initiatives

We are aware that we are part of something bigger than us, our Casas function as collaboration centers. Currently, the #PASALO initiative encourages our members to donate clothes and “pass” them forward to those who need them the most.

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Meet the team

More than 70 people with strong background and vast experience in top international companies.

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We know that teamwork is the only way to move forward. Through our aim to be the very best, we have forged alliances with the largest universities and regional companies.

Want to join us? Here’s how to reach out. Contact

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