Live simply, love genuinely, learn constantly.

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The paradigms that shape society are evolving. The way people live, work and connect is different. Today, people are searching for simplicity and flexibility, with a greater importance for consciousness and wellness. They want to exposure to those with common values, to physical and mental stimuli, to maximise the present.

CASA CAMPUS is an integrated solution based on these new behaviours, through a lifestyle committed to embracing individuality, and to encourage growth. 


Change, innovation, evolution and progress


a new style of co-living that simplifies your day to day life.

 With Casa Campus you can rent an apartment for the time you need it, without complications or real estate guarantees, with an administration team in charge of managing all the expenses that come with living alone. Co-living also stimulates interaction among its members through common spaces, activities and events, which generates, a genuine sense of community. 

Collaboration and respect is what we believe in.


At Casa Campus we have a strong commitment to our entire extended community

We use our Casas as epicentres of collaboration via simple initiatives. We value all those that participate in these small acts of kindness.

The #PASALO campaign is a good example of one such initiative, in which we propose to our members and to all the university and business campuses that join the movement to donate clothes and then pass it on to those who need it most.

Also, we use our common spaces to welcome children, the elderly, or people with disabilities so that they enjoy a different and enriching time.

As our company grows so does our passion for solidarity, for genuinely helping those who need it, and offering a little bit of our time to someone who values it enormousely.





If you want to join the movement and help us change the way people live, get in touch! We have a fun and dynamic team of all ages and backgrounds, we believe that diversity makes us stronger



Throughout our history we have generated important links with the main universities and companies established in the region. We have an important commitment with all of them to offer a high quality service to all its students, young professionals and executives. The number of partners has multiplied, and the existing relationships are being strengthened and extended.

Institutions and companies with which we work every day to improve the way people live include: Universidad Austral, San Andrés University, Torcuato Di Tella University, the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA), IAE Business School, Austral Hospital, Austral Business Park, Free Market, Ernst & Young, Accenture, and more.